Wednesday, June 5, 2024

Governor Hochul stops NYC congestion pricing

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Governor Kathy Hochul has moved back the start date of New York City's congestion pricing plan from June 30 to never. The delay is due to worries about the city's ability to get back on its feet financially after the pandemic. The program was supposed to bring in $1 billion a year for MTA projects through tolls. Hochul is looking at other ways to get the money, like using state funds or possibly raising the MTA wage tax. Worries about how the plan would hurt Democrats' chances in suburban areas before the 2024 elections played a role in the decision. Some Democratic critics have praised the delay, while others have questioned why there isn't an alternative plan. The situation shows how complicated New York City's transportation policies and funds are.


Summary News: Hochul halts congestion pricing

Gov. Kathy Hochul has pushed back New York City's plan to charge for delays from June 30 to never because she is worried about money after the pandemic. The plan was put on hold because it was meant to give the MTA $1 billion a year for projects. Other options are using state cash or raising the pay tax. Critics praise the delay and highlight the complexity of transportation policies.


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