Friday, May 31, 2024

Donald Trump's Hush Money Trial Has Juror Controversy

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People are talking about a possible troublesome jury while the Manhattan hush money trial involving Donald Trump is still going on. Concerns about the jurors' behavior could affect the final decision. People who back Trump are hoping for a split jury.As of now, the choice is still not clear, so lawyers say not to make too much of the voters' actions. The jury didn't decide anything by the end of the first day of talks, even though Trump said he wasn't guilty and refused to talk. A jury has asked some very important people to talk about the alleged plot to hide bad news. In court, things got more tense as Trump kept saying he was innocent and that the charges against him could not be proven. There are four cases against Trump, and this is likely the only one that will be over before the election. The jury will meet again to talk about the case some more. If they come to a decision unanimously, the punishment part will begin. The decision in the trial could be not guilty, guilty, or a mistrial, all of which would have big legal and political effects on Trump's future.


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People are worried that the way the jury act could change the result of Donald Trump's hush money trial that is still going on in Manhattan. People who back Trump want the jury to be split, but it's still not clear what will happen. The jury has asked important people about the supposed plan to hide bad news. If they all agree, the sentencing part will start. The decision could be guilty, not guilty, or a mistrial, which would have an effect on Trump's future.


Source: Jury Won’t Reach Verdict In Trump Trial Today As Court Ends For The Day
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