Friday, May 31, 2024

Harvey Weinstein facing more charges with new accusers emerging

As more people say they have been sexually abused by Harvey Weinstein, officials in Manhattan may bring new charges against him. The decision to bring more charges will rest on how these accusations are looked at, which could happen before Weinstein's hearing on rape charges later this year. Weinstein, who is currently serving a rape sentence in California, appeared in court in a wheelchair, while his attorney expressed regret for purportedly using intimidation tactics against a witness. The judge has directed both parties to refrain from discussing potential witnesses publicly. The retry is likely to happen after Labor Day. This is because previous sentences were overturned because of bad evidence. Weinstein says that all of his sexual meetings were voluntary, but the #MeToo movement is still having an effect on the case. The next court date is July 9, and new information about the case should be available by the end of June.


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New sexual abuse charges could be brought against Harvey Weinstein by the city of Manhattan, possibly before his rape trial later this year. Weinstein, who is currently serving a sentence for rape in California, came to court in a wheelchair, and his lawyer said he was sorry for using threats against a witness. Because earlier sentences were thrown out, the trial is expected to happen after Labor Day.


Source: New Indictment Against Harvey Weinstein Involving New Accusers Possible: Prosecutor

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