Monday, June 3, 2024

Nvidia has revealed its latest generation of AI chips at the Computex 2024

Nvidia introduced their latest AI processors, the 'Rubin' chips, at Computex 2024, preceding the release of the current 'Blackwell' chips. This announcement showcases Nvidia's proactive approach in the AI processor market and their dedication to a consistent yearly release cycle for new platforms. Nvidia's collaboration with MSI and ASUS to integrate GeForce RTX GPUs into upcoming devices exemplifies their transformation from a gaming GPU manufacturer to a frontrunner in AI technology. At the event, Nvidia and prominent computer manufacturers showcased a range of Blackwell-powered systems featuring Grace CPUs, NVIDIA networking, and infrastructure tailored for AI factories and data centers. These systems offer diverse AI solutions, including cloud, on-premises, embedded, and edge applications, with customizable configurations encompassing single to multi-GPUs, x86 to Grace processors, and air to liquid cooling. The NVIDIA MGX modular reference design platform supports Blackwell products, including the new GB200 NVL2 platform, which enhances data processing performance and facilitates large language model inference. AMD and Intel are also endorsing the MGX architecture with their own CPU designs. The ecosystem encompasses partners like TSMC and electronics manufacturers who supply components for AI factories. Taiwanese companies like Chang Gung Memorial Hospital and Foxconn are embracing Blackwell for medical research and AI-powered solutions. Numerous industry leaders have reaffirmed their commitment to providing components and solutions for Nvidia's AI ecosystem. For those unable to attend in person, Su's keynote will be livestreamed on YouTube.


Summary News: Nvidia unveils new AI chips at Computex 2024

Nvidia unveiled their latest AI processors, the 'Rubin' chips, at Computex 2024, preceding the current 'Blackwell' chips. This demonstrates Nvidia's proactive stance in the AI processor market and their commitment to yearly platform releases. Collaborating with MSI and ASUS to incorporate GeForce RTX GPUs into future devices, Nvidia is evolving from a gaming GPU manufacturer to an AI technology innovator. Industry leaders are showing support for Nvidia's AI ecosystem, with the introduction of the GB200 NVL2 platform to enhance data processing performance.


Source: Nvidia announces new AI chips months after latest launch as market competition heats up
Sources: CNBC

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