Sunday, June 2, 2024

Protesters supporting Palestine invade Brooklyn Museum

Protesters supporting the Palestinian cause, including members of 'Within Our Lifetime,' assembled at the Brooklyn Museum. Certain protesters managed to enter the building with the aim of shutting it down. A banner proclaiming 'Free Palestine' was displayed on the museum's roof, resulting in multiple arrests. As the conflict between Israel and Hamas got worse, police and protesters got into fights that were caught on camera. The Brooklyn Museum kept records of staff abuse and damage to artwork. Because of what was going on, the museum stopped earlier than planned. Patch's website has news about Crown Heights all the time.


Summary News

Protesters supporting Palestine gained access to the Brooklyn Museum and threw objects at police officers from the upper level. Authorities apprehended individuals at the location. The demonstrations originated in Fort Greene and were coordinated by a collective known for hosting various protests, such as the recent one near the Met Gala in May.


Source: Pro-Palestinian protesters enter Brooklyn Museum, hurl debris at responding officers, police say
Sources: CBS News New York

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