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The great baseball player Willie Mays dies at 93

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The San Francisco Giants announced on Tuesday that Willie Mays, who during baseball's golden age enthralled fans throughout the country with his incredible power, lightning-fast speed, and jaw-dropping defense, had passed away. He was ninety-three. Known as the “Say Hey Kid” because to his unending energy and love of saying “Say hey” to everyone, Mays participated in 22 major league seasons. He began his career in 1951 with the New York Giants and later established himself in San Francisco once the team relocated to the west. In 1973, he concluded his career with the Mets in New York.
Mays was the ultimate "five-tool" player in baseball; not only could he hit for a high average, but he could also blast home runs, sprint around the bases, catch the ball, and throw it with force. Throughout his career, he hit 660 home runs (the sixth most all-time), 3,293 hits (12th most), 1,909 runs batted in (11th most), and 2,068 runs (seventh most). His lifetime batting average was.301.


Summary News: Willie Mays dies at 93

At ninety-three years old, baseball icon Willie Mays passed away, according to the San Francisco Giants. Known by many as the "Say Hey Kid," Mays began his big league career in 1951 with the New York Giants then moved to San Francisco with the club. He played in the major leagues for 22 seasons. Mays was renowned for having exceptional hitting, throwing, fielding, and sprinting abilities. He concluded his career with an incredible 660 home runs.


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Source: Willie Mays, supreme baseball talent among the best to ever play, dies at 93
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