Saturday, June 1, 2024

Trump raises $34.8 million after conviction and considers 2024

Former President Donald Trump stepped up his fundraising after being found guilty on 34 counts of felonies, and he was able to raise $34.8 million after the conviction. At a Manhattan campaign event, Trump spoke with prominent Republican contributors about possible running mates. Trump is still concentrating on the 2024 race and is planning a fundraising drive around the West Coast, despite his legal troubles. The guilty decision sets the stage for Trump's sentencing hearing on July 11. Judge Juan Merchan will likely consider Trump's persistent defiance of court orders and lack of contrition when imposing the appropriate penalty. While many states are attempting to oust Trump from his position under the insurrection clause of the 14th Amendment, it remains uncertain how his conviction will impact the results of the next election, since only Congress has the power to enforce this provision. Elaine Kamarck of the Brookings Institution emphasizes the significance of a past president's conviction for a crime in terms of its historical importance. In addition, she analyzes the potential influence it may have on undecided voters, particularly women. The latest verdict from the jury raises concerns about Trump's aptitude for the presidency and might have an enduring impact on public perception.


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Even if Donald Trump admits to thirty-four crimes, his net worth is $34.8 million. Although Trump seeks the 2024 election and is now under legal obstacles, he wants to launch a major West Coast fundraising effort. The punishment hearing will place on July 11, when Judge Juan Merchan will assess his many infractions of court rules and lack of repentance. The election ramifications of Trump's conviction remain unknown as certain states could disqualify him under the 14th Amendment's insurrection clause. The ruling of the court may affect public opinion.


Source: What world's media made of Trump's guilty verdict

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