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eSafety Commissioner settles dispute with Elon Musk's X company

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Julie Inman Grant, Australia's eSafety Commissioner, dropped her Federal Court case against X Corp (formerly Twitter) for taking down videos of a stabbing in a Sydney church. Inman Grant turned her attention to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal, saying that an unbiased review process was important and that going to court would cost a lot of money. After what happened in April, the governing body told social media sites to get rid of the violent videos to keep the community from getting hurt again. Australian users were already not able to see the content because X blocked it, but the regulator still asked a federal court to remove it completely, which has now been denied. Elon Musk, the owner of X, refused to comply with the world remove request because he didn't like the idea of one country controlling the Internet. Freedom of speech is very important, and the Electronic Frontier Foundation agreed with Musk. Aussie lawmakers and government workers stood by the regulator and spoke out against the threats made against her and her family. Musk called the boss a "censorship commissar," which made people angry and led to threats against the commissioner. Someone was killed by a sixteen-year-old boy. This makes people in Australia worry about their right to free speech and their safety online. This is why what you post online needs to be taken seriously.


Summary News: eSafety Commissioner resolves Musk-X dispute

The eSafety Commissioner of Australia, Julie Inman Grant, dropped her Federal Court case against X Corp for taking down tapes of a stabbing in a Sydney church. Then she talked about the Appeals Tribunal for the Administrative Law. She said it was important to have a fair review process and that going to court would cost a lot of money. Elon Musk, who owns X, wouldn't take down the world because he believe in free speech. It was clear that keeping people safe online was important to Australian leaders and government workers who backed the regulator.


Source: Musk Says ‘Freedom Of Speech Is Worth Fighting For’ As Australia Drops Legal Fight Over Church Stabbing Videos On X
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