Tuesday, June 11, 2024

US examines restrictions on China's AI chip access

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The Biden government is debating further limitations on China's access to cutting-edge semiconductor technologies. Important technologies under likely constraint include High-Bandwidth Memory (HBM) and "Gate All-Around" (GAA) CPU architecture. Referring to national security concerns, these limitations aim to stop the flow of necessary artificial intelligence technologies to China. Leading semiconductor companies like Nvidia, Intel, AMD, and TSMC are preparing mass-production of GAA chips. These actions, under US direction, are meant to limit China's military and technological growth. Similar export restrictions are being discussion between US and its allies. About the upcoming embargo, Intel and Nvidia have not said anything. Underlining the urgency of implementing these ideas before the next presidential debate is Raimondo, U.S. Commerce Secretary. Responding to the reports, US semiconductor stocks have shown different reactions.


Summary News: The US restricts China's AI

More limits on China's access are under discussion with the Biden administration vital semiconductor technologies including High-Bandwidth Memory (HBM) and Gate All-Around (GAA) CPU architecture. Discussed among US partners, these initiatives seek to prevent artificial intelligence technology from finding their way to China. Intel and Nvidia have not commented on the upcoming embargo. US Commerce Secretary Raimondo emphasizes the urgency of these measures.


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Source: US Weighs More Limits on China’s Access to Chips Needed for AI
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